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There's a lot of cyberspace out there, and it takes a big team to keep the stories of great Americans flying around the web.  The more who participate, the wider our audience.  So, lend a hand, patriot, and get in the fight!  What can you do?  Read on!


Share Our Posts

Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, StubleUpon,  and Google+.  It's easy, and with only a few new posts a week, we won't clutter up your wall.  This is probably the easiest, yet most impactful thing you can do to help get American history into the hands of a wide audience.

Recommend Great Stories

We are always on the hunt for great short pieces about interesting Americans.  We strongly prefer stories about average Americans who, due to circumstance, did something worth remembering.  The individual can have lived any time from the colonial period, up through the 20th century--1922 to be exact.  All works adapted by the American Primer must be in the public domain.  For published books, that means anything published prior to 1923.  That's over 200 years of material.

Prepare Stories for Publication

This is pretty simple, we just need stories less than 2,000 words in length submitted in .txt format.  No fancy formatting, just the basics: correct spelling, punctuation, and paragraph breaks.  In addition to the story, we need and introductory paragraph from the story to use as a preview.  This needs to be something that will get a reader's attention and create interest enough to read on.  That's it!

Proofread Stories Prior to Publication

We need to ensure any submitted copy is true to the original, but updated for a modern audience.  If you would enjoy wordsmithing and making a story more readable to a modern audience, while honoring the original author's style and intent, you can help us grow our library.

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