"So thoroughly aroused were the Iroquois, to such a fervent pitch was their patriotism wrought, that more than a score of their women donned uniforms, shouldered muskets and fought like the patriots they were. Most of them were Oneidas and went to war with their husbands. The Oneidas had long been a tribe faithful to the American cause. They wore sometime the rough garments of men, they fought like men, they bled and died like heroes."

Several tribes of Native Americans fought as allies of the United States in our "second war for independence,"  and we should remember their contribution and sacrifice.

"On the very morning appointed for the trial, Fulton was aroused from his sleep by a messenger, who rushed into his chamber, pale and breathless, exclaiming, 'Oh, sir, the boat has broken in pieces and gone to the bottom!' "

A self-educated engineer, and inventor of the first viable steamship, first practical submarine, and first torpedo in history, Robert Fulton was a true example of American ingenuity and practical achievement.

"To such an extent was this insult to our flag carried that our Government had the record of about forty-five hundred cases of impressment from our ships between the years of 1803 and 1810; and when the War of 1812 broke out the number of American sailors serving against their will in British war vessels was variously computed to be from six to fourteen thousand."

Our young nation fought a second war for independence with the cry, "Free trade and sailors' rights!"

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