I have also the honor to inform your Highness that the articles forcibly taken from the house of Mr. Scanlan by your people have not yet been returned, and that they must be returned to Mr. Scanlan without unnecessary delay, for which purpose I shall wait until sunset (Wednesday, 14th inst.), and if it be not reported to us by that time that my demand has been met with, I shall be at liberty to take action as will in future enforce a wholesome respect for the American flag and the and property under its protection.
In the years running up to the Great War, the future antagonists sparred with each other over control of trade routes and goods around the globe.  In Samoa, Imperial Germany manuvered to monopolize coconut oil and cocoa bean production, using an ongoing civil war to keep the Samoans fragmented and impotent.  Enter Captain Leary.

"It was a terrible thing to order the execution of a comrade who had borne with them the sufferings of an arctic winter without food or shelter, but the party could not allow their sympathies to affect justice at the expense of their own lives. The execution of Henry was an inexorable necessity."

The story of an American Arctic exploratory expedition, marooned for two years, and forced to violate the most ancient taboo.

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