Primer (prim'ər) n.  A book [or web site] that covers the basic elements of a subject.

The mission of the American Primer is to reintroduce Americans to the history of the greatest nation the world has ever known; free from the apology or hand-wringing currently in vogue with the chattering class and the militantly ignorant.  Americans have been doing the exceptional since before we were called American, and we have written about these exceptional deeds for hundreds of years.

Yet today, the stories of heroism and sacrifice, triumph and loss, that were familiar to our forbears are unknown in this generation, and the former idols of the Republic have been replaced by a pantheon of lesser gods.  Our aim is to make Americans again aware of who we are, by illuminating the path trod to bring us to where we are.

This site is optimized for tablets and mobile devices--no bulky graphics or animations.  The American Primer is meant to be accessed on the go, and the articles are kept to the length that the average person can read them in less than five minutes (at least the average person attracted to this subject matter).  If you find an article to your liking, you can dive deeper.  The articles are all taken from public domain works and edited for a modern audience.  They are written by people who loved their country, and it shows.  The cynic would deride some narratives as naive, but the proper term is idealistic.  And couldn't we all use a bit of idealism today?



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